Beyond Capital

Launch Date: November 2017

Beyond Capital promotes the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan through comprehensive support for Entrepreneurs, Finance Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors. Beyond Capital leverages capital, expertise and access to networks to foster a dynamic and open environment, leading to job growth, increased equity investment and driving the new generation of Jordanian businesses.

Entrepreneurship for Educators 

Launch Date: January 2023

Endeavor has partnered with King’s Academy to help scale the school’s entrepreneurial efforts on campus. The partnership included: 1. Designing and running a fellowship program for relevant faculty and staff. 2. Empowering a dedicated space to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem. 3. Supporting and curating various activities to inspire students.

This program was sponsored in-kind by Endeavor Jordan. 


October 2020 – March 2024

Scale-Up Roadmap for Growing Enterprises (SURGE) is a 3-year program co-funded by the European Union’s “Innovation for Enterprise Growth and Jobs” program “Innovate Jordan” and implemented by a consortium led by Endeavor Jordan and includes Oasis500 and Beyond Capital. SURGE aims to foster the demand-driven growth and scaling of 45 High-Potential Growth Companies (HPGCs), throughout the 3 years (15 companies per year), by strengthening their core business functions, and assisting them to identify and seize new market opportunities.

the leap!

Launch Date: August 2021

Powered by Arab Bank, the leap! is an Endeavor Jordan program that empowers executives with 15-10 years of experience to make the leap! from Employees to Entrepreneurs by training them in the art and science of forming a new business.

Unlocking Markets with Bank al Etihad

April 2021 – July 2021

Unlocking Markets is a two-month export readiness program tailored for women, designed and implemented by Bank al-Etihad and Endeavor Jordan. It looks to catalyze international expansion for Jordanian female-led businesses by introducing a select number of companies to new markets.

Business Development for Entrepreneurs

July 2024

Business Development for Entrepreneurs (BDE) is a project designed to support the total of 100 growth-stage Jordanian companies by developing their business functions and strengthening their performance through highly-curated interventions. This is achieved through assessing the current situation of each company, identifying gaps in their current practices, creating and submitting tailored plans to address these gaps, and managing the implementation of these plans through specialized service providers.

This Program comes in line with the National Entrepreneurship Policy established by The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MODEE) to further bolster the ecosystem.

BDE is implemented by a consortium led by Endeavor Jordan and includes Oasis500 & Beyond Capital.